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A Writing Masterclass  [message #74881] Sun, 16 September 2018 12:13
timmy   United Kingdom

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Do we have enough interest from authors to develop some pages for the site to help others with their writing? Most people who write are good at different areas.

I'm thinking of headings such as:
  • How to start and how not to
  • How to end and how not to
  • Dialogue vs prose, and what the differences are
  • What to do about adverbs
  • Is 'he said' better than multiple variants?
  • Use of names - when, where, how often?
  • Use of first person vs third person voice. NOTE, these are voices not points of view. Is it ever valid to swap people and use first person voice for each, for example?
  • Use of Point of View. And yes it can alter even in third person voice
  • Narrators

You may have other headings. You may not want to contribute to all the headings.

My thinking is to build a page or set of pages where attributable thoughts are put forward for others to consider. We could dry run them here or just assemble them.

I'm thinking of Fair Use of segments of stories to show good practice. If we are showing poor practice that should be from pieces we have written ourselves and are mature enough about to know they are not top notch. I think everyone has written things they could have written better! I prefer showing good things. "Try it this way" is far more use than"This piece was bad, never do that!"

Ok, the first part of this is an expression of interest. Don't answer the questions yet! Just reply to say that you will participate, if you will!

Me?  I'm in!

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