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Getting started
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Hi everybody, just signed up here, having peeked at the website furtively for a while. It feels good to be here. My nickname is friendofmrcairo because I'm a huge Vangelis, and Jon and Vangelis fan. The big hit (for them at least) from the album Friends of Mr Cairo was "I'll find my way home." For those Millennials who've never heard of either Jon or Vangelis, here's a helpful link:

For those who haven't heard this kind of sound before, those wondrous sounds are the musical skills of 'melody' and 'harmony,' ancient cultural practices that have been lost to us for, oh, at least about 15 years now... That tragic day, when record companies went AI, and decided to replace 'real' producers - the likes of Quincy and George Martin, Nile Rodgers, Steve Lillywhite et al - guys who had as much skill in physics as they had in music. The Companies decided they weren't trendy enough, they couldn't see a future for the industry with them. So they brought in DJs. DJs, ladies and gentlemen, who know what's trending, because they're the only ones wittering on incessantly about it. DJs were the future. And now our musicological fate lies in the hands of Kanye, and a load of others whose names begin with a K (very PC!). Blinged to the moon and back, but ask them what key this arrangement is in, or if they could pass you that violin... No, sorry Kanye - that's a viola, that one there is the violin.... Jeez... When is Phil Spector out of Prison..? And responsibility for the effectiveness with which Mankind might in future record it's history in song and music, as of yore, has been hurriedly handed over to some teenage 'need to get out more' programmers in Silicon Valley, who were told to create music software that did it all for you... Yep, music, lyrics,"fills in the blanks....." Well all the basic blanks. But blank talent, inspiration-blanks, blank looks out at the audience... Yeah, they're working on that, they tell me...

Was that too much for a maiden speech, Timmy...? Hard to judge the right tone here, seems to be an awful lot of old shrubbery that needs uprooting... When was the last time you had a Gardner in here? Smile
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