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Something bubbling to the surface of long ago forgotten memories ...  [message #68296] Wed, 29 January 2014 02:36
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... regarding the names Dave Kopay and Jerry Smith prompted me to follow the first of these links and subsequently each of the others in turn.

I am so very glad that I did, and I feel certain that you will be too; not-the-least amongst us being the ever present youngsters lurking in the background.  Each segment is only 7-8 minutes in duration, and may viewed out of sequence with no loss in continuity.

Former Washington Redskins football player talks about love affair with teammate

'A Football Life': trailer - Jerry Smith

'A Football Life': Jerry Smith - Private life becomes public

'A Football Life': Jerry Smith - A known secret

'A Football Life': Jerry Smith - Living a double life

'A Football Life': Jerry Smith - Staring death in the face

'A Football Life': backstory - How Jerry Smith changed perception

'A Football Life': Bill Parcells - The start of something special

'A Football Life': Bill Parcells - Bad tuna turns green

'A Football Life': extra - Best of Jerry Rice

Hard to believe that this story was playing our right before my very eyes as a youngster and I can't recall even being aware of it other than the two names.

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