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Christmas is creeping up at a rate of knots  [message #72300] Thu, 15 December 2016 23:46
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I have just worked out the Christmas publishing schedule as follows. This snapshot is tonight, Thursday 15 December:


So, Friday has set 1, Monday has set 2. Set 3 is the Christmas set. That's not complete, I'm drumming my fingers waiting for the extra tales to arrive, but it goes out on Wednesday 21 December. That then stays on the homepage until 26th, when the next set goes out.

I know a couple of you are waiting on tenterhooks for your tale to hit the head of the queue. William King and Geron Kees, this shows the accurate point at which your tales will start. Michael Stevens, The Cabin's date is there, too

After the Christmas period we have Close The Lid. I need to make a judgement about how long to leave it on the home page, too.

Evan Carlton, if the story I have been promised just before yours does not arrive soon I will start your new tale a set earlier. It's in set 7 right now

And you guys think this is easy to put together!! Even with a great piece of software I can still get in a mess!

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