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Searching for Granddad.  [message #72535] Fri, 10 February 2017 10:43
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This video should be renamed 'Searching for Granddad'. One rainy afternoon, at Granddad's house,, two little brothers

exploring in the attic find Granddad's old uniform and things from the war. As the storm moves in with thunder and

lightening, rain hits skylight and roof the youngest becomes afraid and big brother cuddles him.

The boys drift off to sleep and they dream that THEY are in the same battle for the beaches of Nornamdy-1944;

experienced by Granddad.
They fear that if he is killed in the action before they can find him, then Space and Time will be different, and

they won't be born. Just at the last minute, all is well. Grandma and Granddad hear the boys calling out in their

dream, and finds them, just in time. Granddad removes his old helmet from the boy, as sign that he also rejects the

need for wars. (We can make our own History).
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