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Deprecated words, insults and attacks  [message #72658] Sun, 26 February 2017 11:56
timmy   United Kingdom

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Please read the first five bullets of the netiquette announcement. They do cover this matter. This announcement here, today, is a temporary measure to draw attention to my intense displeasure at their breach

I dislike political epithets such as the one being bandied around that is a portmanteau of 'liberal' and 'retard' Indeed I deprecate the use of 'retard' to indicate any form of intellectual capacity, and will treat continued use of such words to be an indication that the person deploying them is making a conscious choice not to be part of the forum.

Deploying such words is, of itself, an ad hominem insult to and attack on those against whom it is being used, whether directed at another with precision or directed at a group in general. Continual deployment from this point in indicates to me that I may need to enforce the decision to quit made by the repeated user of such terms.

I do not care whether or not those words are used in common parlance.

I will not have this place reduced to bear baiting nor cock fighting. Put plain, it is not going to happen.

I can, and will, filter future deployment of such words in a manner to make the poster look ridiculous, if I have to. Please remember that this forum is a benevolent dictatorship, run by me. It will not descend into chaos

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