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Excelsior by David Clarke  [message #75447] Fri, 25 January 2019 16:36 Go to next message
Jena   Netherlands

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I've been trying to get into contact with the author of this amazing story, David Clarke but in vain. Therefore I'll just write whatever was important in the email here. I'll be sharing my thoughts and pose few questions regarding 'Excelsior'. It has been a while since I read both 'the Nexus' and 'Excelsior', therefore I might slip a little here and there.

I read 'the Nexus' first. The storyline as well as the characters intrigued me. I've always had an interest in German history and would often wonder what would happen had history taken a different route. I had read a bit on the Hitler Youth so its appearance here appealed and excited me. I lost interest in 'the Nexus' when I was beginning to lose track of what was happening. Nevertheless it stuck a deep deep impression. That was when I started with 'Excelsior'.

The story starts off a little quirky and 'weird'? (in a good way). I knew somehow that it was so much more. So I kept reading and had become really into it. I didn't want to lose track of any part of the storyline like I did with 'the Nexus' so I always went back in chapters to refresh my memory. One character in the story appealed to me, a lot. No, it is not Leo, nor Alex. It is Wolfie. I am not very happy that he doesn't get much attention. He's much a loveable character. He can be very reassuring, reliable, and incredibly capable when you need him, but he can also be very sensitive, soft, and affectionate that makes you wanna hug him like forever. Honest opinion here, I didn't like how Leo practically ignored and dismissed Wolfie when he came back. I can imagine how hurt he must have been. I can almost feel the immense longing and hope, myself from a third person perspective. Emotions overwhelmed me. I felt really, really sad that Wolfie didn't get someone he loves dearly and had lost for a whole four years, back. I felt better when Leo began to realise how much their relationship meant to each other. I get that Leo should care for Alex, but it was with Wolfie he had spent all his childhood. Wolfie basically spent his post-childhood years loving and longing for Leo. I cannot imagine how someone else would do that. I was a little let down as there wasn't enough love/bonding moments between Leo and Wolfie (to me). I just wanted more, because I truly believe that Wolfie totally deserves it, after what he'd sacrificed and all those years he spent waiting.

Since Wolfie is my favourite character (no doubt), if you can see this, Mr Clarke, or anyone who sees this and it interests you, I've had some questions in my mind for a while now.
1. Is there anyone you know in real life who is just like Wolfie? If so, I hope you can share a little about him/her if you are comfortable with it.
2. How exactly did Wolfie cope with the new demeanour of Leo and his relationship with Alex? What do you think his thoughts were when he slept alone while Leo and Alex were abviously making out in the other room?

I like Wolfie too much for a fictional character. I want to know more! Seriously, I need a Wolfie in my life. Everyone deserves a Wolfie in their life.

Thank you for writing such captivating stories. It really kept me on my toes (not literally). I also hesitated to write this because I am usually a shy and socially awkward person.

Thanks! Look forward to your replies! Good day.
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timmy   United Kingdom

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I have no way of reaching David except by his email address, so I have emailed him to ask him to come here and read your message.

His index page is here

I will need to re-read his stories now

[Updated on: Fri, 25 January 2019 18:32]

Author of Queer Me! Halfway Between Flying and Crying - the true story of life for a gay boy in the Swinging Sixties in a British all male Public School
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Jena   France

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Thanks timmy, I really appreciate that. Excelsior is one of my favourites.
Re: Excelsior by David Clarke  [message #75853 is a reply to message #75447] Sat, 27 July 2019 04:58 Go to previous message
Paul is currently offline  Paul   United States

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I just happened to see this posting. I don't know who all is aware but David was my editor for my stories Geeks and Minky's World. Besides being a terrific person, he really knows his way around the English language. A British expatriot, he was living and working in France when we began emailing. He read some little thing I posted on a different site and my lack of sentence structure came glaringly across. He offered to edit for me and I jumped at the chance.

He hadn't taken a foray into writing himself yet. His excuse is the same one we all have for not making the attempt... "what if people don't like my stories?" Well, as Jena can attest, that was not to be a problem.  He got a tremendous response with Three Volumes of Nexus and then Excelsior. All wonderful tales. He did this while helping me research my stuff.

He has posted here and to Nifty and to Awesome Dude. I looked for an updated email addy at all the sites.  He just seems to have dropped off the net. And, dammit, I miss him.
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