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Recently I have noticed a little voice in my head that keeps on wanting to get me into trouble. One situation of it occurring was when someone online asked me to hatch their eggs for them (ref.to Pokemon), they worked hard to get those eggs and I am supposed to return them as soon as they hatch. But something at the back of my mind wants to betray their trust and keep the egg for myself.

It even goes beyond just the lying and scamming, it keeps on saying things like 'go ahead and punch that guy', 'hey, make those kids cry', 'they're not looking, go steal those'. I am usually able to keep my actions in check. But I'm worried about why I am even having these kind of thoughts.

And one of my biggest concerns lately concerns my first and newfound relationship with a guy I met. The voice in my head keeps telling me to hurt him, to break my promises, to break his heart. It even would also resort to attacking my own insecurities; saying I will never be good enough for him, or that I am just being lied to and he actually doesn't like me back; that I'm just being led on. We've only been dating for over a month now, but we've already expressed our commitment and how fond we are of each other. I've been constantly battling my demons.

I guess reading all that would make me sound a bit cray-cray. But I'm posting this because I just want to find out what's causing it or what it even means and how to remedy it. Being able to post here makes me feel a bit better. I guess a bit more background would be necessary but I'm not sure what to say.
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