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Interpretation by visual description   [message #70993] Fri, 05 February 2016 01:29 Go to previous message
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Ok, so tonight I am in a philosophical mood and it got me thinking about something. I was thinking about all the stories I have read with all different male teen characters. So the more I think about it the more all these characters are essentially the same right? I mean, they might have different colour hair and there will be some tall, some short, some fat some thin, some... yeah you get it. But my primary point first of all is that they will all be a male in their teens and usually be gay.

So although we will read about all different characters through different plot lines, essentially the boy in the story is always going to be the boy in the story. So how do we make it different? and why do we not get bored. For anyone who has read my books... what makes Jack different from Corbin, or Joey different from Jordan and so on...

I want to do a little experiment here to see what you all think about 2 boys who are the same, but in different scenarios. They will the same age, same facial features, same height... In fact they are EXACTLY the same apart from if I say otherwise in my description. Now, when I say I want you to think about them, I want you to think about your perception of them when I put them into a scene, while always remembering they are the same in every way.

For the purposes of this little experiment we will name the boys' Jack and John.

This is a totally open discussion so just put anything you like, there is no right or wrong. I just want to see what the power of perception can do when surrounding something the same, with something different!

Ok here we go... I am going to write the same scene twice but slightly different and I want you to respond with how each of them made you feel. I have my own answers already but I wont say them until I hear some others.


John, 15 sits on his plain white single bed sipping on a glass of warm milk. there is a half eaten cookie next to him which rests on a bedside table, complete with a dim lit lamp. There is a radio playing in the background which John listens to propped up in a corner reading a hardback annual. His soft blonde wavy hair drops down to half cover one of his blue eyes which compliment his rosy red cheeks. John lightly hums to himself as he reads, a cool gentle breeze making him shiver a little. The bedroom carpet has seen better days but is still rich in colour and looks soft and inviting.


Jack, 15 lays on his bright red Manchester United themed double bed, supping a bottle of coke through a straw which he puts down. There is a half eaten bag of crisps next to which rests on a bedside table complete with a bright football shaped lamp. Kiss FM is playing in the background while Jack listens, laying with his feet half way up the wall, a Nintendo DS clutched in his hands. Jack's short brown spiky hair shines in the artificial light as he blinks those deep brown eyes sat above some freckled cheeks. Jack makes drum and symbol noises while playing his game, as a warm gentle breeze floats into the room making him a little clammy. On the floor is real wood floorboards upon sits a deep pile red rug and a cat can be seen sleeping soundly on top.

So, same boy essentially, just different hair and eyes. The room is the same size and different decor.

So how did you feel about boy John and boy Jack? What were the differences between them? Even though they are the same, did you like one over the other? Did you sense different personalities just because of the room or the hair/eye colour. Did you maybe feel sorry for one? did you feel perhaps they were from a different era... or did one of them just seem less well off.

You may have totally different views and that's the fun in this. Please indulge me as I am really fascinated to hear anyones thoughts.

West :) 

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