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Server costs - Keeping the site free  [message #71280] Tue, 22 March 2016 01:23 Go to previous message
timmy   United Kingdom

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Our current model of using adverts on our other domains has started to give insufficient revenue to pay for the server. I am experimenting with donations via Patreon.

I'm not yet 100% sure how it works, and there is no compulsion to contribute. I'm interested in your opinions. The site will always be free of charge, and I don't want to add tacky adverts, either. We used to have a PayPal donation scheme years ago, but PayPal's morality police cancelled the account!

The patreon link is:


Snappy, huh?

You are the best folk to give feedback on this, so please let me know what you think.

What I intend to do is to put the links on sensible pages on the site itself, possibly with a cute button Smile

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