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John Boswell: The Man Who Gave Christianity A Sex Talk!  [message #77074] Mon, 15 June 2020 17:50 Go to previous message
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I'm lifting the title of this forum string right off the title of a piece Jonathan (who writes on sex & theology on Medium) published yesterday. I do so because the title is so poignant and accurate!

It is an overview of the life and work of John Boswell, and well worth a read. You'll learn that he was not just an amazing academic who spoke seventeen languages and died young of AIDS, but was a charming person and erudite scholar who is amazingly underappreciated.

His work is arguable among the most significant academic efforts of the last forty years that have contributed to an expanded understanding of homosexuality in society and culture across history, and which provided significant academic underpinings upon which the fight for LGBTQ rights could be made.

You can read the entire piece by Jonathan, subtitled "John Boswell did the impossible," by clidking here.

I continue to be surprised at the number of well informed LGBTQ activists who don't know about or underapprecaite his work, so comments, questions and observations on them are the point of this forum post!

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