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I expect simple behaviours here. Friendship, and love.
Any advice should be from the perspective of the person asking, not the person giving!
We have had to make new membership moderated to combat the huge number of spammers who register

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Password Reminder
Please read this carefully, the process is designed to protect your password, so is a little complicated:

Your password will be reset and sent to you. If you have not yet confirmed your e-mail address, the confirmation request will be re-sent to you.

Note: You will receive two e-mails:

The first will contain a link to request a new password. When you click on it two things will happen: One: you will be sent a second e-mail with a new password, and Two: you will be taken back to the forum login screen.

You must get the new password from the second e-mail message before you try to log in again.