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 Topic: Horse on Seventh Ave.
Re: Horse on Seventh Ave.  [message #77211 is a reply to message #77210] Fri, 14 August 2020 12:04
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A little horse play, I'm sure it wasn't fun back then, but this is now, things get better, huh!
 Topic: The Assault on LGBTQ Rights
Re: The Assault on LGBTQ Rights  [message #77212 is a reply to message #77207] Fri, 14 August 2020 15:50
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Chains and Padlocks tell the story, and the counterpoint is that no one should be taken in by the church's (in this case the Catholic church) positive sounding words about accepting LGBTQ persons.

The complete ban on LGBTQ people from the Detroit Archdiocese was reported yesterday by LGGBTQ Nation.

Dignity Detroit, a group of LGBTQ Catholics who gather together to worship, has met for 45 years with the blessing of the church hierarchy. Fortunate Families Detroit, a support group for queer families, was also "forbidden from meeting in any parish church, chapel, or institution of the Archdiocese of Detroit," according to a letter sent to the group.

The clergy is not longer allowed to associate with Dignity Detroit and they're not allowed in any Catholic parish. To add insult to injury, the Archdiocese "invited" LGBTQ organization to join their ministry for people with same-sex attractions, which turns out to be a 12-step conversion therapy program!

When you get down to what's behind this and how/why did it happen, it all hinges on one short phrase: "ministry that is faithful to the teachings of Christ's Church."

As Al_N has pointed out here and as we detail on the page It's the Underlying Doctrine that Causes the Real Harm! It doesn't really matter what the Pope or the leaders in any other church say publicly. Until and unless the underlying doctrine changes, nothing has really changed. The Roman Catholic catechism hasn't changed and homosexuality is still defined as intrinsically and gravely disordered behavior.

That's what the phrase "faithful to the teachings of Christ's Church" means. And when you look at the equivalent of the Catholic catechism in other churches (their doctrinal statements or confessional statement, etc.) you'll find most are still in a very similar position-defining homosexuality as a depraved sin.

One could make the case of giving credit to the Archbishop of Detroit for being consistent with the Church's teachings. At least he's not being hypocritical about it. Cruel and heartless, yes! But, not hypocritical!

Read the LGBTQ Nation article here.

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