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Forum: Literary Merit
 Topic: A Friend of the Devil
Re: A Friend of the Devil  [message #75833 is a reply to message #75832] Tue, 16 July 2019 02:27
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"timmy wrote on Mon, 15 July 2019 17:12"

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A Friend of the Devil is somewhat unusual. I wonder what folk will make of it. There's even a guest appearance of a car nut in it!

As the story develops we will find the flaws in each participant, not only our heroes. Obviously I have the jump on you having read it all. I can rell you that I looked forward to opening each chapter and was not disappointed at the end of each, nor of this volume of the tale.

--Oh, yes. I can see many opportunities for drama. The least of which Jake is underage at the beginning of the story. I'm guessing things get tense when his parents and/or the congregation get wind of the blossoming romance. I'm guessing David finally comes to terms with his sexuality. Also guessing someone gets a special gift on his 18th birthday? ¬†ūüėÉ

I was intially put off by the title of this story. I really didn't want to read a story that supposedly concerned the devil. After reading a comment in the forum I realized this storyline was very different from my first impression. The story title is actually a nod to a popular song from the era. I should have known that since I listened to that group back in the day! 
 Topic: Possible link between two Geron Kees stories?
Possible link between two Geron Kees stories?  [message #75834] Tue, 16 July 2019 07:43
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Geron, I noticed something in the newest Charlie Boone story, "Light My Roamin' Candle, Charlie Boone!"  The formula used by Charlie and Kippy to spy on the Beltracians is the same one Kevin Kennedy used in "Untouchable" to avoid the three bullies. (Links at the end of this post.) 

As Kevin Kennedy stands still and closes his eyes, he uses, I wish...I wish...that I was gone, he thought. I wish that this world could no longer see me. He glanced at the drop off, wondering if that was the way to go. He was still considering it when he heard the thuds of running feet, and the three boys burst from the woods behind him. Kevin turned to face them, and opened his eyes."Where is he?" one called, as the bully named Mark charged forward to look over the edge of the drop off. "I saw him here," added the other boy.

Kippy  uses, in "Roamin' Candle" ,  Kippy closed his eyes.  "I wish...I wish I could see what was happening inside the Beltracian ship."  The screen, which had dimmed, lit again, and they were suddenly looking at what appeared to be the control center of the Beltracian vessel. Six of the aliens were seated in a row before a large display, that showed the growing bulk of the planet before them. The room itself was dimly lit. Things that glowed stood here and there about the deck, but the great display screen was central to everything...

And Charlie uses, in Roamin' Candle." ---  
Charlie was certain that that was where the aliens intended to land.   "I wish...I wish I could watch the Beltracian planetary mind at work, from the inside. Up close."The air to one side of them formed a cloud, and then they were looking at...something. An amazing number of tiny lights seemed to be flashing and swirling and moving everywhere, and winking out and reappearing, But suddenly, even as they watched, the flurry of activity slowed as the lights suddenly came to brief rests before moving on again. A congestion of sorts built, and then blocks appeared here and there, and then...

I noticed the similarity when I re-read "Roamin' Candle" for the third time, then read "Untouchable" again.  So the questions become-- 
A) How did Kevin Kennedy disappear, if not by the same means Kippy and Charlie used in "Roamin' Candle?" 
B) When does Kevin cameo in a Charlie Boone?  And --
C) When does Cousin Kevin (and his boyfriend, Riley) get visited by Cousin Kippy or Cousin Adrian? 
D) Does Kevin or Riley also have skwish? 
E) Or, is everything just a coincidence which you COULD use to very casually use to link the two stories.

Links:    http://iomfats.org/storyshelf/hosted/geron-kees/shorts/untou chable.html     and      http://iomfats.org/storyshelf/hosted/geron-kees/charlie-boon e/10.html

Semi-related question  F)  Can elves and humans interbreed?  Max once said that humans and elves were a lot closer at one time than now.  I know they can go the motions of breeding together, but are they feritle together?