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The Fugitive Kid and the Misfit  [message #69968] Fri, 17 July 2015 16:06 Go to next message
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The Fugitive Kid and the Misfit.
Kit pointed out the obvious to me.  These two stories are very similar in plot line and point of view and characterization.

The truth is that it is my earliest work where I had a story to tell but I did not know how to write.
I took a story I felt strongly about and wrote over and over a little differently each time.  I must warn you that there others, each one a slightly different take.
The theme is common enough for the variations to coexist.  It's about two boys becoming intimate after all, there isn't just one, boy meets girl story.

Anyway, thank you to Timmy for publishing my perspective on alienated queer youth.
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When I pointed out the similarity of themes of the two stories, it wasn't meant as a critique, but just an observation. In fact, I look forward to reading your other variations on a theme. Smile

As you say, there are many variations on a theme (e.g. boy meets boy or boy meets girl). And it's been said many times by many people that there are only a few basic themes in the whole history of literature. The trick, which your stories have succeeded in doing, is to provide a different and interesting perspective on a theme.

Some writers (no one I know of on this site!) just turn the ancient themes into clichés. Some stories I've seen on Nifty are so much cliché that they are actually quite amusing. That inspired me to write a short comedy story, Cliché, into which I tried to put as many clichés as I could manage. Sadly, despite the title of the story, some readers took it seriously and complained that it wasn't very realistic.  Ho-hum.
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