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My Giggling Boy.  [message #72543] Sat, 11 February 2017 05:58
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My Giggling boy lives here with me;
he fell straight from the Yumyum Tree.
We sit all night on our settee;
my Giggling boy and me.

His schooldays are a trial for me;
I wander round till half past three.
I yearn for his return to me;
my giggling boy, Rileey.... (MIS-SPELLED TO MAKE IT RHYME).

He swings his bag without a care;
the books and pens fly everywhere.
He raids the fridge and cuboards bare;
but my giggling boy sits down to share.

I wouldn't change a single day;
this daily drama in any way.
My Giggling boy sits close to me;
and watching hours of live TV.

But just before it gets too dark;
we take the dog unto the park.
Having watched my giggling boy and Jack; (My 3rd German Shepherd).
I realise there's no coming back.

And though your boyish love for me;
will change one day, it's meant to be.
The man inside, you'll one day be;
will free you from the Yumyum tree.
My giggling boy - you'll see.

But now I'm turning 83, my Giggling boy looks after me.
He makes my tea, thank you Rileey.... (MIS-SPELLED TO MAKE IT RHYME).
and then he has to leave you see;
To a pretty wife and Giggling Boys, three.

For my Godson Riley,

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