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Fine Young Animals - Straw Poll  [message #74302] Sat, 21 April 2018 06:25 Go to next message
Pedro   United Kingdom

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An interesting question about how we perceive photos has arisen in a feedback conversation I have had about the FYA challenge stories. Don't look at it again, but when you first saw the picture, and before you read the stories, did you think that the briefs were white and the colour balance in the photo wrong (which could due to the strong back light from the window) ? Or did you see the shorts as pink? 

It doesn't matter at all as far as the challenge stories are concerned, I am just intrigued as to how many of you saw it the same way as I did.

[The forum polling system has failed, so I've edited this post to remove that and add this poll below. You will need to register your vote again. ~timmy]

Fine Young Animal Straw Poll

Without looking again at the photo are the shorts pink? Or are they white and the colour balance in the photo wrong?

Pink, definitely pink!
Poor colour balance. They're white!
Can't decide or remember

Current Results

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Re: Fine Young Animals - Straw Poll  [message #74307 is a reply to message #74302] Sun, 22 April 2018 09:19 Go to previous message
timmy   United Kingdom

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Once you've registered your vote go back and stare at the picture again. See if your first answer was correct!

That Fine Young Animals picture

I checked out my answer.

My first answer was correct!
Got it wrong. These things happen
I just like answering surveys!

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