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I am not sure what to make of this article: http://tinyurl.com/49svmmo Is it a good thing, a bad thing, a neutral thing, or just a thing?

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I think that on balance it's a bad thing.

There's nothing wrong IMO with lesbians marrying gay men, if it comes from a desire to build a life together as a partnership (obviously not based on sex).

But doing so because it's all that is available, because same-sex unions are unrecognised or forbidden, doesn't strike me as healthy. And actively encouraging mixed-sex marriages for same-sex-attracted people strikes me as immoral: a depressing and intrinsically homophobic imposition of hetero-normativity, based on the apparent assumption that gay/lesbian people can't have fulfilling family lives (including kids, whether natural or adopted) in long-term same-sex relationships.

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I am speechlessly in Shock... I would have to agree with saxifraga_umbros, in balance it is a bad thing and as they had pointed out so clearly in the interview/article a few of the couples are going through a divorces... HmMmMmMmMm Who could have said... (Dripping in Sarcasm)

How is this in fact any different from a straight guy/girl marrying a gay guy/girl to create a family..? Does it not hold the same boundaries and consequences in the end..? And really what about these children... what about when they get older and find out that their parents are in fact Homosexuals...

I really am quite torn-up and broken-down by this. perhaps I am just over reacting but I think this should stop without a moments delay.

There are far too many ways to make or create a Family to make this a viable option... Point and fact I am Totally against it.

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A close friend who is Jewish and gay, was married twice. His first marriage was to cover his homosexuality. His second was to a lesbian for the sole purpose of having children (via artificial insemination). Neither worked out. His second wife was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. He is now partnered with a man, who, for better or worse, if there are relationship issues, the two of them understand each other. I can't say it's a totally happy relationship, but at least their sex life is more fulfilling, and if they fight, it's with a more equal footing. When I read the article I couldn't believe that there is a rabbi who is encouraging gay/lesbian marriages. I can't see it working out happily.

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A free will conscious choice of getting married is the better way instead of having arranged, forced marriages. If the couples in Isreal are indeed happy, then that's good for them.

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