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Of late I've been perhaps a tad conspicuous by my absence ..  [message #66219] Wed, 05 October 2011 06:19 Go to next message
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... and for this reason I thought you should hear this directly from me "before the fact" and not through the grapevine "after".

One of the many by-products of my (or anyone's) having open-heart surgery is (and has been) the pharmacological cornucopia that seems to develop early on as a direct consequence of one's undertaking treatment.

I am relatively "lucky" in that department, requiring the daily ingesting of only 3 medications directly attributable to my heart surgery whereas another member of my household, and not a heart surgery patient (but heart problem afflicted just the same), takes some 15. On the other hand, I daily have been required to swallow an additional 4 medications, each of which is designed to further the cause of my breathing, which if you will remember the failure of which is a direct result of my having firstly survived heart surgery I was not ever supposed to, but partnered upon the surgery close when both of my lungs collapsed and could not be re-inflated until some 21-days later.

Currently I am in urinary track distress (and have been since late May or early June), and in imminent danger of complete failure, which is going to necessitate an operation a week Thursday next. The problem arising apparently from one of the medications I routinely take to breathe causing urinary difficulties in those pre-disposed to such things (as if we would ever know that we are so disposed at all). Tests have been run, catheter inserted (for the fourth and final time) and bag once again atrapped on my left leg where it will remain until the operation.

Needless to say I am no longer taking the offending medication (which apparently I had originally only been required to take for a period of about six weeks upon discharge from hospital after the open heart surgery late last year, this upon the recommendation of the respiratory specialists who successfully re-inflated the lungs. I was kept on the offending drug largely because it was thought by those better informed than I that it would further aid my then still laborious breathing, which it may or may not have done, but, which my stopping its' use this past week appears to have had no current effect.

By the good grace of whichever "lady" may be in charge upstairs, I am cancer free, with no tumors involved, or other growths; this operation simply being designed to kick-start a shut-down prostrate gland which is otherwise in good health.

Wish me luck, with hopefully an early return to normal water-works function and all that that entails; but, not limited solely to the province of my "peeing".

Warren C. E. Austin
The Gay Deceiver
Toronto, Canada

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I'm really sorry to hear about your assorted difficulties, but delighted to hear that you're "cancer-free". I hope that the Op to sort out your prostate goes well ...

I guess I have so far been lucky - I have a benign prostate enlargement, which seems to be responding to a herbal medication (and so not requiring surgery). Prostate troubles are never nice, though, and catheters are always troublesome.

all best wishes


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Re: Of late I've been perhaps a tad conspicuous by my absence ..  [message #66221 is a reply to message #66220] Wed, 05 October 2011 14:18 Go to previous message
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The young also suffer...Well, I was young when I had my congenital hole in the heart repaired nearly 50 years ago. I guess you could say the operation was a success. At least I survived it.

Not so my ejaculatory ability to hit a fly at 20 paces. It seems that the catheter balloon burst and scarred the prostate muscle that fires the torpedos at whoever is the way of their trajectory. The freedom shot could now only be measured in inches rather than metres. And what happened to the aftershocks, let alone the multiple payload explosions?

I don't suppose I even noticed any of these affects (the satisfaction of deployment was the same as ever) until the Internet revealed the ability of some, to emulate a freshly shaken and opened bottle of Champaign aimed at one's own oral cavity in celebration of some kind of victory.

I suppose I shouldn't grizzle about my fizzle after all, one of my ex-doctors was amazed that I could even dribble let alone, still entertain the troops.

All the best Warren, for your return to watering the troops, etc.


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