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Once Again Another Kid Is Lost To Bullying  [message #67177] Fri, 23 November 2012 05:57 Go to next message
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I have permission from Mark to run this here.  It is, quite obviously, not a peculiarity solely accorded to the Yanks and their culture. Tim and I have had numerous private conversations about this subject as also so have Warren and myself.

This post isn't about solutions nor is it about anger. It just is.
15 Year Old Openly Gay Italian Boy In Rome Commits Suicide After Being Bullied
http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-1qQAgwpAmSA/UK6f-lD3s2I/AAAAAAAAL-I/xqJKYajiwdE/s320/Candlelight+vigil+for+Roman+Teen+Victim+Of+Bullying.jpgCandlelight vigil for bullying victim in Rome Nov. 22 via Facebook

By Mark Singer | ROME, ITALY -- A 15-year-old openly gay student who attended Cavour High School, located in Rome's central district, committed suicide after suffering non-stop anti-gay bullying at school and on Facebook according to Rome's chief deputy prosecutor Pierfilippo Laviani.
The boy, only identified by his first name and initial; Andrea, S., was found hung at his family home Wednesday evening after being sent home from school Tuesday after school staff reprimanded him for his frequent wardrobe consisting of pink trousers, pink shirt, as well as his painted fingernails.
According to Laviani, he had hung himself with a scarf in front of his younger brother who alerted his parents. Laviani also indicated that the teen had been open about his sexual orientation with friends, family, and school officials.
Laviani announced that his office had launched an investigation after the teen's parents found a series of disturbing posts on his Facebook page. Laviani confirmed that the teen had suffered "torment and gone through hell" as a result of the daily abuse by classmates one of whom had apparently created a fake profile on Facebook deriding the youth for his choice of colorful clothes.
That page is now flooded with angry comments as friends of the teen and others lashed out at the bullies. Some comments left included:

"I have no words ... I hope you're happy now, you bastards pieces of shit." " Assassins, I hope you die. " Still another read; "The pay I hope in some way. The ignorance that exists in your head killed a boy of 15 years and you'll have to deal with your conscience for the rest of life."

Italy has among the worst records for LGBT equality rights in Europe with no protections against discrimination in public accommodations  hate speech, bullying, and the work place. Same-sex relationships are not recognized in national law and it is not legal for same-sex couples to jointly adopt.
Italy lacks a law against homophobia with a recent bill proposed by Partito Democratico party last year to prevent discrimination and bullying failing to pass the second reading in the Italian Parliament.
A spokesperson for the Arcigay Il Cassero LGBT equality rights organisation and center, Vincenzo Branà, said;

"Now we need a law against homophobia, it's up to the parliament. But local governments have to do something as well. They have to launch helplines and associations against homophobia. This is an emergency, now. We are going to have more children die."

Thursday evening a crowd of several hundred gathered near the famed Roman Colosseum for a candlelight vigil on Via di San Giovanni and marched to the high school on Via Cavour of Carine with most of those in attendance wearing pink ribbons in the teen's memory.
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One online venue which may surprise you all where cyberbullying takes place is Wikipedia. Facebook is obvious, Wikipedia is not. There is an attempt there to start to deal with what many editors there did not even realise was a problem at Wikipedia:Cyberbullying with a discussion about it currently at Wikipedia:Village pump (proposals) under the heading of Cyberbullying. That latter will be archived in due course and will need to be searched for.

As with all areas of Wikipedia, anyone at all may edit anything there. Thus, if folk here feel things require adding to or changing in the essay, or feel they wish to discuss matters at the Village Pump page, they should dive in and do so.

We can not save them all. All we can do is make the world safer and easier for those who are still in torment. Our job is to do even the smallest thing we can to try to make the world safer for them. We are the survivors. We have a duty to those who may not survive.

Author of Queer Me! Halfway Between Flying and Crying - the true story of life for a gay boy in the Swinging Sixties in a British all male Public School
Bullying and Suicide; this millennium's "Danse Macabre"  [message #67215 is a reply to message #67177] Thu, 06 December 2012 08:54 Go to previous message
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One more precious light has been dimmed at the alter of expediency.  This is getting so old.  How is it that these youths are not hearing our message?

Parents blame bullying for son's suicide; Linden High School junior remembered for love of theater

Warren C. E. Austin
The Gay Deceiver
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