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A summers day so warm on your skin,
An autumn eve the restful kin.
The winter's night cold and forlorn,
The coming of spring like a rose and its thorn.
Seasons will change and time will not halt,
And this is in no part your fault.

I never honestly thought this day would ever come,
Or at least that I wouldn't be privy to the rolling conundrum.
The eternal school of life couldn't even begin to explain,
The highs and lows of so much unnecessary torment and blame.
In the aftermath of our own personalized brand or Armageddon,
We now sit and evaluate the accounts of what feels like yester-year.

We see that we have weathered the storm together.
Now we are closer, stronger, directed, Purposeful, collaboratively more creative.
Just all round happier the figurative dust has settled and the weight is lifted.

I guess what we should really be saying is Thank You.
Thank you for teaching us, for pointing us in the right direction,
For the effort you inexorably exerted on yourself in selfishness,
Which ended up only creating Reason & Order out of Chaos & Discord.
Most of all Thank You
For opening up a door,
That we never thought was there before!

Written By - M-K Dobison

"And so the lion fell in love with the Lamb"
"What a stupid Lamb"
"What a sick, masochistic lion"
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