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Oscar Pistorius - Will He Run Again..?  [message #68354] Tue, 04 March 2014 13:51 Go to next message
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Howdy All,

I hope that you are all keeping well and have had a good kick start to your 2014? ... Can't believe it is March already Smile and how time seems to fly by.

However on a not so entirely unrelated topic - I'm most curious to find out what the international perspective and opinion is on the Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial?

It has been a woeful year on the African continent and Globally since Oscar shot and killed his then Girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp by proclamation of self-defence from a home intruder... But they will have you believe that not all is as it appears...

Less than two full days into the case, public opinion is diversely varied and people are already chomping at the bit for the 'truth' - which in my fervent opinion will only be available to us if Ms Reeva Steenkamp rises from the grave and sits in the witness booth herself.

With our attentions stretched thinly between Ukraine/Crimea Protests, Uganda/Nigeria/Zimbabwe/Russia and many others with the criminalization of homosexuality, North Korea launching missiles as a show of force and many more aspects of 'life-happening' - I'm hugely inquisitive to find out what you all think, feel and have to say on the topic of South Africa's 'Blade-Runner'?

I realize that this is not entirely appropriate material for the type of forum as it has very little ( but in honesty - Truly Nothing) to do with the plight of our homosexual brothers and sisters globally.
However I believe it gives us a very insightful and much broader view of how universal matters effect our psyche as a group rather than in an individual capacity.

I am very much in self agreement that my thoughts seem sketchy and scattered at best but hope that you understand and I truly look forward to reading your replies Smile

Best Wishes - Mike Smile


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As you say, we would only know the truth if Reeva Steenkamp rose from the dead. And even then, Pistorius would probably say it's his word against hers.

A lot seems to depend on whether or not the witnesses who claim to have heard screams and gunshots are believed. If they're lying they must really hate him a lot.

To me, Pistorius'story just doesn't add up. He had time to get his gun but didn't check to see where Reeva was. With gun in hand he shot through the bathroom door without calling out to check who was inside. He could have called out to ask who was there - if the person inside hadn't responded or had tried to open the door before responding he would have had plenty of time to shoot before they opened the door and became a real danger to him.

If it wasn't murder it was at least gross negligence and he should be charged with manslaughter.

Also, I wonder how different things would be if Pistorius were black.
Re: Oscar Pistorius - Will He Run Again..?  [message #68356 is a reply to message #68354] Tue, 04 March 2014 22:29 Go to previous message

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I have no interest in it. I hope the South African justice system works fairly and is unprejudiced. I'm much more interested in LGBT rights than in a celebrity high profile athlete.

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