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Anal Sex and Erections

From direct personal experience (ie not watching porn videos), during anal sex does the penetrated partner's penis stay erect?

Most of the time
A little of the time

Current Results

This has often intrigued me

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I voted a little of the time. It depends on the person. Some guys can't seem to get erect while being the bottom, some guys seems to stay erect the entire time, and a very few even reach orgasm, while some guys it's hard sometimes and soft other times.
It seems that the guys who stay hard are the ones who love it the most. The only guy who actually got off without being manipulated directly was a big-time bottom who hated even talking about being the top. While being penetrated, he got hard and would often finish without his erection being touched. The guys who did it just to do it, or just to give back, who really didn't love having it done to them, often didn't stay erect after the first few moments. Then again, the guy who really only liked being the bottom hardly ever became erect, even under the most intense things I knew to do to it. He didn't even become fully hard after abstaining several days and giving him every kind of oral and hand gratification I knew of. He only got fully erect while being penetrated, never during oral or anything else. He said he only really got fully erect when being penetrated, and it only stayed that way otherwise when he did it to himself with a dildo and masturbated at the same time.
The first guy I penetrated stayed hard until I finished him with hand and/or mouth, every time. He penetrated me a few times, and I remember staying hard and producing a lot of pre-cum, and stayed hard until he gave me a reach-around or he finished then finished me with hand and/or mouth. But we were teens, so that easily explains that. We both got hard when the wind blew. I remember finishing without being given any direct stimulation to my penis the first few times.
When I'm being penetrated, I'll usually get and stay hard, so long as I'm enjoying it. But I rarely let anyone do that to me. I have to really like the guy, known him for a while, and he has to have a certain kind of... I don't know, not really machismo, more just a non-feminine style about him. The softer, milder, feminine guys just don't do it for me enough to want to give that up to them. I have though, and I remember not always being erect during the entire time. He wasn't the type of person I enjoyed being the bottom to, I guess.
But given the right guy, and that I want it, I'm hard and stay hard, unless it goes on and on and I reach the point where I just want it to be over. So long as I'm into him that way, want him to have me that way, and enjoy what he's doing, I'm usually hard for the duration. I've even stayed hard after being given gratification during penetration, and gone on to a second finish, though, again, that was in my younger days and with someone I considered really special.

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I'm pretty much of a confirmed bottom, and rarely (if ever) stay hard throughout, though I usually am at the point of insertion. I know it's initially worried some of my partners, but mainly ones who have fairly little real-life experience of gay anal sex and seem to be relying on porn for their ideas of what's usual.  I *have*, once or twice, come solely by being fucked, in which case an erection reappears fairly shortly (twenty or thirty seconds) before ejaculation.

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