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Sahypo's "Lucas and the Secret"  [message #69944] Wed, 15 July 2015 21:06 Go to next message
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Sahypo's  "Lucas and the Secret"

There is nothing like suspense to drive one to the end of a story.  I was fueled by a desire to see what Lucas had in his pants.
It was well written and I liked the story.  It is actually a common tale not often told.  The beginning of the story was done with great sensitivity but when guys begin to get sexually involved they can take on animal characteristic changing the tone of the story. 

Nothing to get upset about it was all pretty tame and the sort of thing all boys do or certainly should do. 

The unfortunate trend in school today is to pigeon-hole everyone as either straight or gay with no grey area.  This is certainly not fair because mutual JO is shared JO and nothing more.  In a similar youthful experience of my own, all my friend talked about while we were doing it was this girl's tits.

Growing up is suburbia absolutely everyone was circumcised except me.  It was a source of embarrassment.  Getting a little older I had the opportunity to display it to a girl.  

She looked shocked and said "That's not normal!"

I told her I was born that way and she looked even more doubtful..
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Lucas and the Secrets is simply the first of this new writer's portfolio. You may well have gathered that the new sex/health info pages came at his behest with a lot of work by him, too.

You might wish, with your personal history, to look at Intact America

By the way, there is a cute little button which lets you link a url with words on the page in the forum Smile The globe sign with the chain is the one

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