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Not quite inspirational  [message #70157] Thu, 27 August 2015 04:35 Go to next message
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How about a topic for images you find that make you just go... WTF?

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You have brought back memories of a Wang UK Sales Kickoff. It was in the days of 35mm slides and the slide had a cartoon outline of just such a baton handover. It was a several slide sequence

  1. Baton held by rear man, but closer to his body so it looked exactly like a massive erection close to the front man;s backside, with the words "Gets ready to pass the baton"
  2. Front man reaches back and grasps the baton, as if guiding it in "Reaches back and grasps the baton" Sniggers were well under way as we clicked to the final slide
  3. "And spurts for the finish!" At which a 10 minute hysteria started.
    The UK Sales Manager speaking these lines along with the slides faltered, got flustered and told us all to grow up by shouting at us all. It strikes me as a sublime irony that his surname was Pipe.

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Oh my! Smile
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Sometimes, it's the way that people interact with things that gives rise to the merriment!  When I worked in Glenrothes, I walked most days through the Park, which has a parade of concrete pygmy hippos crossing it from river to paddling pool. One hippo has its backside provocatively hanging out over the path ... almost everyone who passes can't resist giving it a stroke, which means that instead of the roughcast grey of the rest of the animal, there's a very pronounced shiny patch.

There's a similar effect in the Toy Museum in Prague, which has a statue of a naked youth in the courtyard. It's supposed to be lucky to touch the statue. As a result, the dark finish of the rest of the statue has worn away in "certain" areas, giving the impression of a black statue with golden genitals! Needless to say, the link is "not safe for work"
http://www.theladytravels.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Pra gue-Castle-statue-for-luck-768x1024.jpg

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A double "oh my"!

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Gorgeous statue NW.

Believe it or not, a couple of days ago i was asked, by email, if i was ever in Prague. Unfortunately, i never was, but if i had i would've made a beeline for the Toy Museum for sure - and what a great surprise this would've been! Quite touching really Smile

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