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Girls. Yes, I know, but GIRLS!  [message #70684] Wed, 30 December 2015 12:26 Go to next message

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I am an admirer of all sleek, svelte bodies. I used to breed and show dogs. I know how to appreciate beauty even when I am not attracted to it sexually. Even as a boy I had friends who were far more beautiful than the boys I was attracted to, and I appreciated them as beautiful friends.

I have, recently, started following a tumblr blog that shows girls, many of them completely undressed. Ok, you can't say I haven't warned you!.

It's the aesthetics of a body that interests me. I find the pictures entirely unarousing, but some of the bodies are very sleek and svelte. 

Setting aside large breasts and the Rubenesque ones, I think the appeal or lack of them, sexually, is based solely around the fact that girls have an innie, and I can see nothing exciting or excited in that region, and that my preference runs to an outie! 

Having said that, comparing girls and equivalent boys from astern, the very different hip and buttock shapes are apparent. Oddly, bend each over, and they become remarkably similar, with the vulva resembling a tight scrotum. At that point I can find each erotic to behold despite not being consciously one jot bisexual.

Some gay men express revulsion at female genitalia. I have often wondered about that, though I am not keen on the aroma nor the flavour. There are some examples of male gentalia that I find revolting, but, as a generalisation, I find all well formed genitalia pleasing to behold. I just get strongly aroused by the male, not the female. I'm not desperately keen on the flavour of male ejaculate, though I do like the texture.

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I'll admit to having a bit of the bi in me. I've been with three females, and not regretted it. Though I have to say that the aroma and taste of women's parts are nothing as enjoyable as males. Okay, I was grossed out by the smell and taste, but they were fascinating up close like that. And they enjoyed the activity so I persisted.
On occasion I'll be struck by a female's face or form, and desire it. Not often, but it does happen. Typically they are a bit boyish looking, facially. Which I find odd, as I don't find girlish-looking guys very interesting. Then, I don't find really muscly and masculine guys all that attractive at all.
I can find the beauty and artistry of the female form very attractive and alluring, even exciting. It is just that the male form is so much more so.
And on a side note, I find the texture of ejaculate far more pleasing than the taste, except for the rare non-dairy imbiber. Female ejaculate is rather pleasing except in taste, which is about disgusting. Think of a cantalope well past its prime.

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