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... again...

I struggle to breathe feels like I'm suffocating,
It hurts again and there is no placating,
A bleeding heart and blurry eyes,
I fall to my knees and call out to the skies,
Take it away take it all I don't care,
Take me away and just strip me bare.
I don't want you to fuck me don't even kiss me,
All I want is for you to know, for you to see,
I'm not as unbreakable as I pretend to be,
I stumble and fumble and struggle to disagree,
C'est la vie, la vie...
I just can't control the Surging feelings deep down,
Just sitting alone in the darkness I drown.
Just turn it off like flicking a switch,
Not sure where to turn, which way is which.
I'm so angry and hurt I don't know what to do,
I'm angry and hurt because I can't be with you.
It's my own stupid fault my own foolish mistake,
And now all that's left of me is a dull pulsing ache.
There's not much more of me left now to break,
The make-up runs, it peels and begins to flake.
The curtain goes back up and I begin to shiver and quake,
I'd prayed it was over for my own selfish sake.
It's like someone punched a hole in my chest,
Like taking a bullet straight through the vest.
As much as it hurts I don't want to forget,
Because as hard as it is on you I'd still bet.
This hole in my chest is all that I've got,
To be sure that your smile I never forgot.

Written by: M.K. Dobison

"And so the lion fell in love with the Lamb"
"What a stupid Lamb"
"What a sick, masochistic lion"
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I like this poem of yours Michael.
I hope that you can still find happiness.
It's a good poem, for sure! Smile
Take care. And be safe.

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