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Of dicks and butts  [message #71995] Wed, 19 October 2016 17:08 Go to next message

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I confess it. I am sexually interested in matters anal, ideally to be penetrated, but also to penetrate. I also know many gay blokes have no interest in penetrative anal sex.

Why, then, are those of us who are interested in anal sex actually interested in anal sex?

"Classic" sexology in the heterosexual world considers that the woman's butt is sexually alluring. I suggest this must be because, when the woman bends over, say, a table, her genitalia are exposed and 'available'. So is her anus, but this seems to be ignored.

Sexologists then postulate that heterosexual men like large breasts because they resemble the woman's rump. By no means all heterosexual men who like the rear view of a lady are enamoured of a huge pair of breasts, but that is a different discussion. 

I've set the heterosexual stuff out here to create context.

I am not enamoured of female genitalia. To me it looks unfinished, raw, and, well, messy. At least that is true when seen from astern. Form ahead it's a rather neater view since there is nothing to see at all. However, I do get a twitch or two in my loins when I see a slim, pert, youthful, female naked rump on display, even with the pudendum in plain sight. It has to be a neat and tidy version, though! I don't want to do anything with it, yet my body seems to consider whether it's worth the effort of becoming aroused.

Show me a similar aged gentleman in the same position, whether I have had the opportunity to see the face or not, my tiny todger gets interested very fast, and draws itself up to its full height of just below average. It's ready to go, and ready despite my preference of being the chap bent over the table and having other chaps going caving! I want to be inside the other chap.

For those who are not interested in anal sex this must seem to be a mystery.

The gentleman, viewed from astern, displays a scrotum, something I find amusing rather then appealing, and his own dick is, broadly, concealed behind a load of dangly skin.

What I want to know is what it is that I find appealing. The anus is functional, and not, of itself, interesting. The scrotum proves that Intelligent Design truly does not exist, and I can't see the real bit that I want, because it's hidden behind a pendulous set of bollocks!

Have any of you figured any of this out?

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Anal is most definitely not my bag, so to speak. I guess for some it is a pleasurable thing but there are those of us that consider it alien.
I guess it is hard to see it from a more neutral stance and I am not suggesting those that like it are weird or anything, just my opinion.
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