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Oh That Awful Homework  [message #72563] Wed, 15 February 2017 13:07
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There's now't so queer, as a boy with a beer,
when he's eating his homework for tea.
His Mum's thrown a wobbler, coz his shoe's at the Cobbler,
and the boy just giggles HeHe.

But come Monday morning, with whacking day dawning,
the teacher stood there with his tawse.
Then the boy without work done, felt a twinge in his left bun,
His thought gave a moment of pause.

He entered the class, did the boy with no pass,
and resigned, he accepted his fate.
The teacher went mental, with arm regimental,
he whacked till the lesson was late.

So the moral is clear, "Boys don't drink that beer,
and don't eat your homework at night.
Or you'll get the same, with no-one to blame,
so study to get those sums right.

And later in life, when the boy took a wife.
and she'd blast him for chores that he'd shirk.
She nagged and she cursed, till his eardrums burst,
and the boy thought "I'm safer at work".
Jack D.H.
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