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Cheeky Feet.  [message #72726] Mon, 06 March 2017 22:09
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https://68.media.tumblr.com/427f5e6ab5c930fe822e9a5410704a7b /tumblr_om52fn5epn1vl601eo1_540.jpg

Wherever the boy takes his feet, he causes mayhem.
One day the happy smiling boy took his feet to a restaurant and when the waiter came, the boy's cheeky feet started giggling wildly at him. The waiter shrieked with shock and dropped the soup bowl all over the Mayor who was out with his Secretary.
The Manager rushed over and told the boy-
"You will have to leave your feet outside. I can't have my Customers covered in soup on Mondays".
The Cheeky Feet dashed out and took the boy with them, Because they became very attached to each other.

The following day, because it was the day after, the happy smiling boy took his cheeky feet to the Zoo. As he passed the elephant enclosure, the cheeky feet noticed one elephant with its trunk in the pond, having a drink. The feet started to giggle, and were soon laughing and giggling out loud, and the elephant feeling very insulted, screamed in shock. It then snorted out all the muddy water, sending it all over the Bishop, who was out with the organist (not a happy man at the best of times - the Organist I mean).

The Choirboys who were with them all started squealing and giggling. The elephant screamed with indignation, and ran across the pond, sending muddy water all over the Bishop and the Organist, Then all the choirboy's feet also became cheeky and laughed and giggled; and so did their owners - the choirboys.

The Zoo keeper came running up and told the boy..
"I told you last week, you can't bring your cheeky feet through the gate on Tuesdays".

The happy smiling boy made a fast exit, along with his cheeky feet, because they all knew and lived with each other, apparently.
Jack D.H.

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