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The Colours of Your Life  [message #72731] Thu, 09 March 2017 22:30
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https://68.media.tumblr.com/e827f227ee24c1ae6af1ffabc8f4e61d /tumblr_omkjj7SXxt1udfddro1_540.jpg

Photo by Jack D.Harrison.

If you allocate a colour, for each person, or mood in your life;
would they bring to you a place of joy; free from worldly strife?
Would it happen very quickly, or as slow as molasses;
or would you still see life through rose coloured glasses?

Would they make your world a happy place, with psychedelic hues;
or would it be a downbeat place, to bring for you the blues ?
If you had the choice my friend, to add some variation;
would it soon become a quiet place, for peace and meditation?

And if some people in your world, could bring more than one colour;
what choices would they make I wonder, making your life fuller?
If I could have the chance to make, the colours all around you;
I'd make your world a happy place, to please and then astound you.

I'd bring you gold, and yellow too, to represent your morning;
then later on there's shades of blue, to show your new life dawning.
And next would follow lots of greens, the colour trees have always been;
to make you think such happy thoughts, of childhood Summers you have seen.

There'd have to be the brown and black,, to represent a Honey Bee's back.
How DOES one paint a Summer's day? to airbrush all your cares away:
Then as the day erodes away, and thoughts come of your bed;
you'd have sunsets of Turkish Delight, with lots and lots of red.
By- Jack D. Harrison.

We lost Stella today R.I.P old girl.
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