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Dear Little Brother.  [message #72766] Tue, 21 March 2017 11:10
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https://68.media.tumblr.com/9acc6dabeb9022d99d5f8a33a553d0ae /tumblr_om5b18JI9U1rx4ouvo1_540.jpg

Dear little brother, I love you like no other;
but why are you looking so sad?
I'm all in a muddle, as you come for a cuddle;
did your mischief make Mum or Dad mad?

But never you mind, a solution we'll find;
as we lay on the sofa together.
You can count on Big Bro, so cheer up, and unwind;
as we hide from the rain and the weather.

Because Brothers you see, we always will be;
we can beat all the problems and worry.
With me by your side, you can always confide;
and we'll make the Sun shine in a hurry.
Jack D.H.

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