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A Bleak Life.  [message #72859] Mon, 24 April 2017 23:39
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Lonely are the hours one spends;
or even days and weeks, it depends.
To get a whack, a slap, or cane;
for naughty boys who live down the lane.

"Remove the blazer boy and shorts";
the angry Head or Master snorts.
"Six for cheating, six for cheek;
your future boy, is rather bleak".

"Don't you move until I'm done;
you'll let the course of justice run".
After school you had to wait;
to recieve a stinging, five bar gate.

Discipline's the only way;
boyhood crime just doesn't pay.
Cry aloud so all can hear;
tell your friends, so they adhere.

"Keep still boy whilst I do this;
flinch or twitch and I might miss.
This will hurt me more than you"
"Oh Sir, better make it 92".
Jack D. H.
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