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The Boy And The Spider.  [message #73335] Fri, 01 September 2017 21:04
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She spun out her web, as she did every day;
Gossamer threads spreading every which way.
Keeping it clean, she's a consummate spinner;
Catching the Flies, for her lunch and her dinner.

A hot August day, not a cloud in the sky;
It's thirty degrees, and the heat's turned up high.
The Sun cast its rays, warms the breeze in the meadow;
And the hay is so dry, it's hue is quite yellow.

Then along comes the boy, in his Summer attire;
His name is called Bobby Sir; Bobby McGuire.
He strolls down the lane with basin you see;
To pick some ripe Blackberries, to go with his tea.

The boy worked his way, through the Bramble bush;
he has all afternoon, no sign of a rush.
His boyish hands, so delicately search;
Disturbing a Blackbird, so proud on its perch.

A petulant flapping, and calls from the bird;
"I'm sorry Mr Blackbird, I heard every word".
The Blackbird returned to his Blackberry perch;
Swaying and rocking, for food he did search.

Billy continued, in shorts and white shirt;
A boy of the fields, not a thing would he hurt.
Enjoying his Summers, a joy to behold;
A creature of nature, yet lovely and bold.

And approaching the web, with some consternation;
He thought, with the spider, he'd try conversation.
"Oh please Mrs Spider, if you could just see;
I need some nice Blackberries to go with my tea".

The spider she ran, along her fine lines;
Such meetings they happened, in happier times.
"What would you like, my boy, with eyes so blue";
"I'd like just to ask a small favour of you".

"I want so to pick, some fruits of the season;
I don't want to disturb you, no ulterior reason".
The spider she thought, and continued to weave;
The creepies and crawlies, they ran up his sleeve.

The scene was so calm, so innocent there;
A Summer so perfect, not a thing to compare.
The bees buzzed around him, the boy with blond hair;
And God in his Heaven, was snoozing somewhere.

The Spider and Bees, took a friendlier view;
They gave the young boy a spectacular Review.
They gathered around him, to watch him at work;
And joined in his labours; not making him shirk.

The Spider she squeezed, by his ten-year-old hands;
And allowed him to move, amongst delicate strands.
"You may come back again boy, to pick as you please;
We're here to help you, Noblesse and Oblige".

And later that day whilst making the pastry;
The light of her life, had made such an entry.
"The Blackberries are lovely", she held him and said;
He ate every morsel - and so off to bed.

BY JACK D. HARRISON. (Fri: 25-08-2017).
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