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As a gay senior I know what I could be today if I had been able to be gay all my life. However, to temper that, I would likely be at least HIV+ or dead because I have a deep enthusiasm for sex!

But what I could have achieved!

I would have different happinesses, different fears, different hopes, though. Life would not be a universal paradise.I don't want tolerance, or acceptance or any other 'ance'. I just want today and always wanted to be completely not special except for my other personal attributes, not for my sexuality.

I would also have worked damned hard to seduce the boys I was attracted to! I'd have got my equivalent of the quarterback into bed!

This video deserves to be shared widely with the world. I'm doing my part with my mainstream twitter account. Do it directly from the Youtube site, you have no need to publicise this forum if you have no wish to.

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It didn't do it for me, I'm afraid.

I though the direction was terrrible, and it came across to me as a collection of unrelated soundbites. Perhaps someone had (wrongly) told the director that the youth of today has an attention span of less than ten seconds, or it may have been a "stylistic decision".

While I loathe the description "senior", which I regard as an adjective, not a noun (the same goes for "gay"), I suppose others don't find it so offensive. At 62 going on 63, I expect I qualify as one. But I see no good purpose in pushing the unpleasantness of being out thirty or forty years ago: to me, the worthwhile clips were "be who you are" and "don't be someone you're not".

I've been fully out in all situations for nearly 40 years. Sometimes it was shit. Often it was fun. But there's no point banging on about it, and it won't help those just starting to think about their sexuality and what it means to them. I'm just thankful that in most Western countries there are many places where being gay is unremarkable ... that's something I have spent a lot of my life working towards.

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Love it thanks for sharing
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