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Thanking Authors  [message #74894] Wed, 19 September 2018 17:41

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I make a point, when I read a tale, of thanking the author if I have enjoyed it. The exception I make is as a publisher, when I thank authros here by publishing their work. I kind of think that is an allowable omission, because they and I often talk about the tale while it is in production, and i never publish tales that do not have merit.

What all authors on thsi site are seeing is somethng understandable.

A new author often receives a goodly email load. After the novelty factor wears off, though, they are 'establishment authors' whose work is expected to be of top quality. This means that they have to do something exceptional to be written to, more still to have a thread about their tale.

This, then, is a plea to you all, those who post and those who read.

If you like a tale, drop the author a line, or start a thread, or both. And I mean that whether you read them here or elsewhere. If you start a thread, let them know. They might want to read it Smile

Yes, a number of you do this well, and all authors are grateful for it. I'm not going to thank those who do it! We coudl end up with a circle jerk of thanks!!!

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