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Back-up   [message #78301] Sun, 24 April 2022 07:08
Fact or fiction? It is real enough, but is it non-fiction? A snippet from the life of parents, the father of a gay son who does the parental taxi thing and drops the boy off at a party only for it to turn into a drama when he goes to pick him up later. 

 "I now had to suddenly learn to know my son who until a few minutes ago was a person I knew and now was a complete stranger..."[/font]

The father and son seem both to have a close relationship and yet the son's life is a secret, although the father is very accepting when discovering his son is gay, even confiding his own same sex relationship in his younger years, a secret he has never revealed to his wife. [/font]

The story is full of dysfunctionality within the family and full of contradictions, are they a close family or not, I could not decide. Overall I wondered if everything was falling apart or coming together through adversity.[/font]

https://iomfats.org/storyshelf/hosted/peterg09/shorts/back-u p.html

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