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Colour Me Pastel Challenge Stories  [message #78446] Sat, 21 January 2023 07:40
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Two really good stories, one from Pedro and one from Cole Parker.

I loved Cole's rewritten story originally published under another title.  The new version, "The Boy on the Pedestal," is better than the original, which was also a great story.  The new story has the same suspense of the original, but the order was also arranged to make better use of the internal timeline, and California's moped licensing laws.  And the conclusion of the story!  Still great!

Pedro's newest "The Challenge That is Tony" story, "It Should Wash Off,' hit all the proverbial right notes.  It was great to see Ewan again, and learn more about Tom (Simon's father).  The Narrator and Tony, as always, were enjoyable.  And the scenes at The Indian -- each time we learn more about the uncles, Sabhya and Lilat, and some of the other relatives.

Well done, Cole and Pedro! 
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