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Using Twitter as my source on the basis that the featured folk are highly probable to be over the age of majority, I have started to reach a concusion about youthful but lawful gay porn.

I've looked at two communities: Twink and Femboy

As far as I can see, and ignoring Femboys with breasts because they are not to my taste however cute the face and lithe the rest of the body, Twink Porn is more robust, more wham, bam, can't be bothered to thank you, Sam, and Femboy porn is more nuanced

Both seem to eschew hair, though haired Twink Porn exists

Both are generally fit and slim, neither tend to be prodigiously endowed.

Twink Porn tends to be a ripped body, Femboy Porn is often skinny, though not cadaverous, and more subtly muscled.

Twink Porn is more In Yer Face, Femboy Porn is more flirtatious

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Twink porn - at least, commercial twink porn - seems to me to have changed a bit over the past few years. It used to be pretty egalitarian, both (all) parties involved seeming to be taking part in things in a reasonably equal manner even if one was top and the other bottom. I've recently noticed an increase in one partner dominating / using the other, choking or mock-choking, and not showing the genitals or orgasm of the bottom partner kind of thing.

It's something I'm not entirely happy about. It smacks to me of "sex is a real agressive man's game, bottoms aren't real men" which entirely alien to me. Sure, anyone can enjoy BDSM games, but there's something about the way the bottom/sub is cancelled here, in non-BDSM stuff, that worries me.

As for Femboys .... some are "yum", some are "yucky". But ectomorphic hairless has always been rather my type, so as long as they're clearly boys underneath I tend to "yum".

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