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No Means No by Rob Warr  [message #78592] Sun, 10 September 2023 06:18 Go to next message
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Is it a reflection on American society that everything is black and white (definitely no pun intended)? This story deals with rape and sexual relationships between thirteen year olds. It talks about sending a boy to prison for committing sodomy. Brian is the villain, no doubt about it, Danny the victim and Rick his knight in shining armour. Black and white, but is it that simple? Brian blames his lust, hormones, sexual desire for his former best friend, who refused his advances. Rick is the new (gay) boy on the scene, ready to go slow with Danny and make justice happen. Brian went a step too far, that is a question of control and responsibility. 

Under the English common law the defense of infancy was expressed as a set of presumptions in a doctrine known as doli incapaxA child under the age of seven was presumed incapable of committing a crime. The presumption was conclusive, prohibiting the prosecution from offering evidence that the child had the capacity to appreciate the nature and wrongfulness of what they had done. Children aged 7 to 13 were presumed incapable of committing a crime but the presumption was rebuttable. The prosecution could overcome the presumption by proving that the child understood what they were doing and that it was wrong. In fact, capacity was a necessary element of the state's case (thus, the rule of sevens doctrine arose). If the state failed to offer sufficient evidence of capacity, the infant was entitled to have the charges dismissed at the close of the state's evidence. Doli incapax was abolished in England and Wales in 1998 for children over the age of 10, but persists in other common law jurisdictions.
https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Age_of_criminal_responsibili ty
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I don't know if comments are welcome or even if authors, readers, or anybody much comes here, it seems very quiet on the forum. Still, I saw this recent topic and I also read this story and it prompted me to give my appreciation of the short story. You could call it a review because that is more or less what it tends towards, if you prefer you can call it simply a reader's impression.

If I were to make a guess I'd say this was a fantasy from the last century (pre-millennial to make it clear). Fantasy because it's the author's imagination about a growing sexual relationship between thirteen year old boys. It would never happen, but I'd also venture that a lot of readers are here for the ride along with the author and dreams are sometimes more entertaining than reality, fantasies give us nice emotions that reality tinges with more negative things.

There are countless stories like these which, and I don't know when this was first published, appeared in the 90s, maybe into the early 2000s. They are stories crafted, although crafted is stretching a point, more written, about improbable events with even more improbable characters and sex. Don't forget the sex, because it's throughout the story. Am I being too critical, I hope not, because there must be a genre that all these stories can be wrapped up in, perhaps teenage boy sexy stories. Sexy, because they are one step removed from porno, they have a plot of sorts and a storyline, however fantastic and escapist it might be.

If you want to lose yourself in fantasy with a little sexy spice and you aren't much concerned about a truly crafted story that aspires towards literature, then this might entertain you. It does the job in a pedestrian fashion and finishes as quickly as it started, with an epilogue in case you wanted to know what happened in the years to come, because the author didnt have the time or inclination to continue. Probably just as well, it rests a short story to entertain for an hour or so, nothing more, it is just that, a sexy teenage boy fantasy!
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Comments are always welcome here. I'm sure the author is at least happy that someone not only noticed, but took a moment to say something positive.

A very great deal of what gets posted here, and on sites like this one, is escapism. Imagination, simply let loose. There are as many 'what ifs' in the world as there are people, and these prods at the imagination are a key part of our human existence.  Everyone imagines to a degree, but not everyone wants to put the results into words. And, the urge to write a story is not the same as the urge to share it with others.

You have shared a trait in common with the author of this story. You have dared to offer your thinking to others. That means the author was effective enough in his writing to tempt you to write back, and to offer views on his subject matter. And, your response was effective enough to prompt me to reply to you!

That's what this site is here for. A place of imagination, that's here to be shared. Thanks for joining in!
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