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That Christian Iconic Symbol  [message #75243] Wed, 28 November 2018 17:49 Go to next message

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Have you ever looked at the naked human form, standing erect (careful!) from behind?  The naked form is to be erect, not youm by the way.

Notice the vertical line between the legs, extending to the top of the buttocks.

Notice the horizontal line under the buttocks, interescting the vertical at right angles.

You have just noticed the Christian Icon, the cross.

I've alwasy found it amusing that the two coincide so well. Doesn't matter if your naked human is male or female, that cross is there! How delightful to conflate Christianity with nudity!

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Well... If one reads the Bible, the Old Testament tells the story about how the origial pair, Adam and Eve, from whom all humanity are supposed to have descended, were naked when they were living in the Garden of Eden before they "sinned". It goes on to tell how, supposedly, once they realized their nakedness, it was only then that they devised clothing to wear becasue they were ashamed. 

So... If we follow the tales believed by the ancient Hebrews, and by Christians, nakedness was the original state of holiness and it was only after the holy couple sinned that they thought they needed to wear clothing. I think that's quite telling.
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