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Olympic champion Evgeny Rylov loses Speedo deal  [message #78273] Wed, 23 March 2022 08:19 Go to next message

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Does this mean he suddenly swims nude?

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Timmy - you're not talking about this guy, are you?


Re: Olympic champion Evgeny Rylov loses Speedo deal  [message #78285 is a reply to message #78274] Fri, 01 April 2022 20:34 Go to previous message
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Well, damn. I typed out a reply and lost it.

I have 4 Russian acquaintences (since 2003) who are all former world class Olympic competitors. Two of them are Olympic and World Gold medal winners for their sport. All of them have dedicated their post competitive lives to coaching the next generations of Russian athletes. All of them were coaching at the recently completed Winter Olympics in China.

These men tell me that all current medal winning Russian Olympians have been required to attend this rally. They have no choice unless they want to face expulsion from their sport, possible jail time, and potential retribution against their families and loved ones. 

Only a handful have refused to attend. These young people have spent time in jail. Some went but wore Ukrainian Pins or dressed in some way with Ukranian colors showing. These individuals now ALL have "minders" following them everywhere they go spying on their every move. 

It's not like these athletes have many good choices yet many of them still choose to make a statement, large or small, and they are paying for that statement in life altering ways. My heart goes out to them. They live under heavy authoritarianism. Putin has placed them in a very tough place. 

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