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...but he is entitled to that opinion just like other students are entitled to their views that homosexuals might be okay.


I guess the problem is that school is hardly the place to make comments like this today. Bullying, suicides, political correctness...sure, he is wrong, but from his Christian perspective he is right and we should only feel sorry for his ignorance. It must run in his family.

There needs to be a more open dialogue about LBGT kids. It's okay to disagree. but the gay kids need to be respected for how they feel. By saying "I'm a Christian" this kid labeled himself. He didn't say he hated gay kids, he didn't bully a gay kid, he just expressed a thought.

We should call these "teachable moments" because there might be others in the classroom who are bullys and they could learn from this personal expression. You can't please everyone, we don't even want to try. But LBGT kids just need the same level of free speech.

Let's save the suspensions for the bullies, although I think they deserve far worse. Open that dialogue and tell this boy that it's okay to express his feelings because they come from a lack of understanding. What would we do to a LBGT kid who said "I think Christianity is wrong," would we punish him/her? :-/

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