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Any advice should be from the perspective of the person asking, not the person giving!
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Netiquette here  [message #66513] Thu, 15 March 2012 23:56

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General prohibitions
There are a few things I really object to. I object to them because they are simply bad netiquette and appear impolite.
  • gratuitous bad language
  • insults or abuse
  • knee jerk reaction posts that then need retraction
  • identification of people here by name when they use a nickname
  • poor use of case. ALL CAPITALS is shouting, and all lower case is unreadable
  • use of the board as a "contact centre". This is not a place to do that
  • spam
  • critiquing posts by others. I don't mean the occasional "Great news" or similar, but I do mean "marking" posts or deprecating others "in comparison to this one" etc.┬áDisagree with what they say by all means, but don't make them feel small.
  • I'm not keen on thread hijacking. I don't mean "Never diverge from the topic", but I do mean "Do not grab the thread and take it in a different direction." If you have a wholly new topic, start a new topic.
  • Nudity is┬ánot appropriate on the forum, nor are pictures of people where the 'whole person' is not the topic of the picture. Pictures showing erect penises, clothed or not, or inappropriate clothing, or intended to show minors in some sort of erotic position are subject to summary and unexplained removal.
  • Threads are no longer permitted when their sole purpose is to display pictures. There are twin reasons for this, copyright and taste. While they picture might be to 'our' taste that are unlikely to be to the taste of the prurient and noisy minorities out there

There are others, and, if necessary, this list will grow
Edit Function for Posts
Please obey some simple rules when this function is in operation:
  • Please use it sparingly to correct factual inaccuracies or typos
  • Please do not use it to blank or remove the sense or spirit of your original post unless in an emergency, and if you have to do this please insert a comment saying why you have done what you have done
  • Please do not use it in such a way that you render replies ridiculous by your changes

We have had to add a banner at the foot of the forum for age related posts because of COPPA and the EU wishing to raise the "Digital Age of Consent" to 16. So, please read that footer

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