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Well, on non oral, aural and nasal ones, at least!

A vagina, so my heterosexual male friends tell me, is inherently sexually attractive. I have wondered if that is a learned response as in "I feel incredibly turned on and want to do something with my dick, Ah, that's where I can put it, gosh that's slippery and rather good fun!" or perhaps far earlier with schoolyard talk whoch predisposes the little heterosexual lad to find vaginas appealing.

An anus is far neater, tidier. Doesn't matter whether it's a male or a female anus, there are no frilly edges, and it has a far better grip. Have we homosexual chaps learned to find the anus inherently sexually attractibve? if we have, why only the male one? The female one is identical, after all.

If the vagina as an arousing object thing is a learned response, why didn't we learn it too? They are fascinating, but not exactly aesthetically pleasing. Since I'm married to a lady I have had the chance to play with one, and find them to be perplexing, awkward and not entirley satisfactory, though they work rather well in childbirth!

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