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Love and sex  [message #67930] Sun, 25 August 2013 12:56 Go to previous message
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Suppose A and B are in love.
A has a very low sex drive and thinks that once or twice per month is ideal. B has a much higher sex drive and thinks that once per day is ideal.

Because they are in love, they decide that sex isn't so important and that things will work out fine. As it happens, a sort of compromise evolves and they end up having sex about once per week. Over time, A feels that weekly sex is a duty he performs out of love, but because it is a duty, he doesn't enjoy it.

On the other hand, B not only feels frustrated because of the low frequency of sex but also doesn't enjoy it so much when he does have it. This is because he feels guilty because he can tell that A is only doing it out of duty.

After a couple of years the sense of imposed duty, guilt and frustration build up, putting a strain on their relationship. Love begins to fade.

Apart from splitting up and finding partners who are more sexually compatible, is there a solution to their problem?

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