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Help I need somebody!

There are a small group of we medics out here in the US and Canada, working with an equally fragile clique in Europe, who have been passed the fragile, tectonic plate which is the newly arrived refugee teenager. Now, any adolescent boy is a basket case of hormones, a quicksand of pubescence. Boys, girls, both, neither.... who knows? Add to that the plate tectonics of the earth shift of the violence of the Middle East, or the corruption of Sub-Saharan Africa, or the poverty of Central America, or the antedeluvian family practices of rural south Asia and it is surprising our hospital mortuaries are not overflowing with the bodies of Mexican, Afghan, Syrian, Columbian, Somali, Gambian and Arab teenage boys.
Perhaps they may be. My team and I only cover three US states, one Canadian province and four EU countries - and the last only partly. We are only scratching the surface, applying a Bandaid to an arterial wound. 
In the weeks between appointments, when we leave our protégés, as we call them, to reflect on our talks, we use positive message stories as one of the resources at our disposal.
Our boys- and all but a tiny handful are boys, not girls - are referred to my team because we focus on issues of non-traditional sexual orientation. However, we take this in the context of everything else: PTSD, new school and friends, new country and language, bigotry and racism, different family values, gender equality, children's rights, attitudes to abuse, religious ethos, moral and social ethics and community norms, in fact the whole nine yards. Everything and everyone has changed at just the same time as one's own body has become a foreign species as well and alien feelings have begun. 
Life is insane.
You remember this. I certainly do. Now magnify it ten-fold for these boys.
So we need your help. At the danger of offending Timmy, who has been a rare beacon of light for me in recent weeks since being caste into this new rôle, I am not going to repeat what I have already written elsewhere, but am probably going to break weblore or whatever and ask those of you who care about LGBT teen refugees to read of their plight and of how by just reading stories or writing a comment you can help us help them.
The catch-up place to do that is my very basic and most amateurish blog at www.daktaris.wordpress.com where you can comment or follow, or you may comment here or email me directly. It is simply not an acceptable option for us to do nothing any longer. Sorry. No pressure.....NOT!

Ubarikiwe - Be Blessed!
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