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Dangerous complacency  [message #69910] Mon, 13 July 2015 08:46 Go to previous message
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In England in 1967, when homosexuality was partially decriminalised, I doubt that the average gay teenager would have expected that within his lifetime there would be a law allowing gay couples the equality of marriage. It might have been something to be desired and hoped for, but not something to be expected.

We must beware of dangerous complacency, though.

Probably, the average gay teenager of today would think it impossible or at least very unlikely that such gains in equality could be lost again within his lifetime. Yet there are possible scenarios which could cause gay people in England to be worse off than they were before 1967.

For example, here is just one possible such scenario.

In predominantly muslim countries today homosexuality is a crime which is severely punished, sometimes even involving the death penalty. The current demographics, e.g. of birth rate and immigration, indicate that within the lifetime of a modern teenager the majority of voters in England could be muslim. Thus there is at least a possibility that a parliament elected at such a time would recriminalise homosexuality.

So, although it would be nice to believe that in England we have almost won the battle equality and a degree of safety, we mustn't allow wishful thinking and complacency to lead us into assuming that the war is over.

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