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No, I don't mean "This is where to find it." I mean "This is what I really like about it."

I like several elements, always providing the young gentlemen in it are pleasant looking and look as if they are enjoying what they are doing. There are in no particular order
  • Dildoes, ideally one using them on another, and including face shots
  • Anal finger insertion and manipulation
  • The moment of penis/anal penetration
  • The pulling back of a foreskin, something I so miss about losing mine
  • Watching a penis erect form start to finish, without being touched. This is so rare I have almost never seen it
  • The build up to orgasm and the tensing of the body as it arrives. Less so the actual emission of semen

I am uninterested in anilingus, and not particularly interested in depictions of oral sex of any form. A definite no-no for me is a face painted with semen. A poor soundtrack will spoil any porn for me, as will pointless music

Anyone feel up(!) to talking some more?

Author of Queer Me! Halfway Between Flying and Crying - the true story of life for a gay boy in the Swinging Sixties in a British all male Public School
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