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Why do stories seem preoccupied, when boy meets boy, man meets man, with nether regions at the first meeting, and in the first moments of the meeting?

Here, in real life, my head will turn for a face, not an arse or a crotch.

If I go horse riding I want to meet the horse at the head, not just get on at the middle.

Same with meeting folk. I may decide I want them badly, but I want to be with the head, the face, the (presumed) intelligent part, the place where the personality tends to be.

I've never been 'big' on studying the crotch. It only holds any interest once I like the person. And, even then, it's curiosity rather than essential. He will, after all, have a penis and testicles, broadly similar to other penises and testicles. I presume it will get hard. I'm interested in it naked and hard. But that's after knowing the person.

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